Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jade from Little Mix Makeup and Outfit look.

Most of you all know Little Mix who won Xfactor in 2011! I love all the girls so, so much! They are so bubbly and pretty and seem like really nice down to earth girls! So I decided to do a Jade Thirlwall makeup and outfit look! I created this on my medoll on Stardoll my name is Misselliegirl12 if you would like to visit me! So basically I will just jump straight in! DISCLAIMER: I didn't really own many clothes with bows on so  yeah:)

 The image to the right is a picture of Jade in real life and the reason I picked this picture is because of the hair style and colour is just about the same as on my medoll!

The photo here shows the makeup, hairstyle and colour. I know Jades skin is a bit more tanned than this but I couldn't change the colour. Anyways, the cheeks are lightly blushed with a pale pink and the eyes are natural with no eyeshadow and the eyes have a bit of eyeliner on and 2 sets of mascara: a thinner one and a thicker one to give them more volume! The lips are just a light natural pinky colour with a slick of gloss over the top to give it that shine every girl wants! Jade usually goes for a more 'thicker' 'darker' colour on her lips but they never say 'bold' just simple, fun and glossy! Next is the hair. Basically we all know Jades hair is quite naturally waving as in the pic above and the hair colour is now blue however I just love the purple hair colour! I think it matches perfectly with the purple and it being quite dark in some places so I think it matches her!
 The picture below shows the jewelry I opted for no earrings just because they never seem  to look right on medolls they just look like they hang from the hair!(laughing right now) so we all know how she loves bows and cute things and so I don't usually like bows so in my Beauty Parlor for my medoll I have no bows so I thought flowers are just as well and they look really good! So overall jewelry and makeup look quiet good and if I say so myself I actually think it is starting to look like her!

Here shows the outfit which I picked out. Jade loves her blouses and of course bows. I was thinking the shirt is perfect with some cute jeans and flat pumps with BOWSS on:D

All in all I think that my make over of my medoll to look like Jade Thirlwall was actually pretty amazing! What do you think?


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